Monday, May 30, 2011

Painted Jewels on Onesies

by Samster Mommy

How-To - I've heard other bloggers say that once you start freezer paper stenciling you won't be able to stop, man oh man is that true! I'm a total addict now.

Here's what you'll need
Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
Stamping Object (I used everything from pens to chopsticks, try different things)

First you'll need to cut out your stencil on the freezer paper. You can draw your design on the non-waxy side and then cut it out or use scrapbooking punches like I did. Next insert a piece of fabric paper into your onesie to protect it from the paint that might bleed through. Now you're ready to iron on your stencil. Be sure to iron it waxy side down!
Lightly paint onto your stencil, don't glob it on or it'll bleed!
After it dries peel off your paper and embellish it with your "chains & beads". This is where the pen caps and other objects come in. Be creative, take a chance, that's often what comes out the best!

Once it's completely dry iron it again to heat seal the paint. When you wash your finished piece I think it's a good idea to turn it inside out.

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