Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ruffle Bottom Onesie

by cindylouh at Skip To My Lou                                

If you need a super quick and easy baby gift then this onesie is perfect.  
For this ruffled butt onesie no need to cut strips of fabric and finish edges. Use 1 1/2 inch wide organza ribbon. So grab a onesie (a nicer quality one than I had on hand)  and some ribbon and you are ready to go.
Position the ribbon where you want the ruffle and measure three times the width.
Repeat this for each of the three (or more) rows.
I had three lengths of ribbon in slightly decreasing size.
Place Fray Check on the end of each ribbon to keep it from unraveling and fraying.
With the longest straight stitch sew down the middle of each length of ribbon. Pull thread to gather.
Pin ribbon to onesie. I started at the top with the longest ribbon and worked down.
Sew gathered ribbon to the onesie by stitching down the middle of the ribbon.
Repeat for next two rows. My rows were spaced just less than an inch apart.
Imagine the possibilities--- hot pink polka dot ribbon with a matching handmade ribbon flower on the front.........Just make sure you choose ribbon that is washable!
I used a piece of 1/2 inch ribbon and a ribbon detail to embellish the front.

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  1. The ruffle onesie is so adorable <3 I shared it on my blog post Baby Stuff – Best Onesie Makeovers on Pinterest here:

    Thanks for teaching us about this!