Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 Colour Baby Blanket

3 Colour Baby Blanket
by Free Baby Projects

Here is a super easy baby blanket to knit. 
It is perfect for a beginners project as it is just knit one row, purl next row for the whole blanket.

I wanted to make a slightly thicker blanket but still soft. So, my original idea was to buy yarn of a white or cream colour and yarn each of 3 different colours.
I was lucky to find a yarn that was super soft and was 2 colours on the one ball. If you are unable to find yarn like this then just use 2 balls at the same time.

This is what you need;
Knitting Needles-Long  Size 9mm  UK 00   USA 13
Yarn  I used 6 x 50gram which are 33metres each. Now remember that am using yarn that is already 2 colour on the on ball.

Cast on 70sts

 Knit first row, then Purl next row

 Continue until you finish first ball of yarn

Tie on and join next ball of yarn with a small knot

Continue knit a row and purl the next row
 use the whole ball and then join the next colour
 Knit and purl away
 Make sure that the joining knot in on the reverse side of blanket

 When you have completed the first two colours then add the 3rd and final colour

 When you have finished then cast off. 
If you are new to knitting, there are some fabulous tutorials on you tube.

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