Sunday, June 26, 2011

Earflap Pixie Hat

Pattern & How-To - Cute, Cute, Cute. Make this Baby Hat

So, it's done.  And I love it even more than the first one. A little gift for my wonderful friend Bre.  Her little girl is due in February and I can't wait to hold her in my arm.

I tell you, these babies are popping up everywhere!

So, I am sharing the pattern here.

Eyelet Earflap Pixie Hat

This pattern is mostly knitting, but there is crochet used in the earflaps.  Don't be intimidated though, it's SUPER EASY!

Needles: 10 1/2 dpns.

Yarn: A light bulky.  I used Tweed Stripes by Lion Brand


Knitting :
Stockinette (knitting every row)
K2TOG ( Knit 2 stitches together)
K (knit)
YO ( yarn over )
SSK ( Slip slip knit)
K2 ( knit 2)

Crochet :
Single crochet (SC)
Chain ( C )

Cast on 15 stitches onto each of 3 dpns for a total of 45 stitches.

Place stitch marker and join into a round.

Knit in stockinette until piece measures 1.5 inches high.

Now, the next 4 rows will make up the very slight eyelet design.

Eyelet Pattern:
Round 1: * K1, YO, SSK, K2, K2TOG,YO, repeat from * for entire round.
Round 2: Knit for entire row.
Round 3: * K2, YO, SSK, K2TOG, YO, K1
Round 4: Knit for entire row.

Shaping the top by decreasing:

Round 1: * K8, K2tog, repeat from * for entire row.
Round 2: Knit for entire row
Round3:  Knit for entire row
Round4: * K7, K2tog, repeat from * for entire row
Round5: Knit for entire row
Round6: Knit for entire row
Round7: * K6, K2tog, repeat from * for entire row
Round8: Knit for entire row
Round9: Knit for entire row

Repeat this pattern of decreasing every third row until you are left with 3 stitches.

Cast off and weave in tail.

If you want a baby hat without earflaps, you can stop right here.

For the earflaps you will use some basic crochet stitches.

Find the center of the side of the hat by measuring across the hat from left to right.  The hat should measure 6 1/2 inches across, so the center of the hat is between the 2 and 4 1/2 inch mark.

Your ear flap will start at the 2 and end at the 4 1/2 inch mark.

To make the ear flap, simply, single crochet into nine stitches across the brim of the hat starting at the 2 and end at the 4 1/2 inch mark.
Chain one at the end of each of the rows to allow for the turning of your work to start the next row.
Single crochet 2 more rows.
Now the ear flap will begin to resemble a triangle by decreasing each of the following 2 rows by 3 stitches each.

Decrease them symmetrically until you are left with one stitch at the top of the ear flap triangle.

From this stitch at the apex of the triangle, you will crochet a chain to make the hat tie.

It will resemble a braid and should measure 9 inches long.  Knot at end.

Weave in the initial tail from the start of the earflap at the brim of the hat.

Repeat on the opposite side to make a symmetrical earflap.

And there you have it!

Happy knitting!

And if you're over on Ravelry, It's posted as a pattern there in case that you want to cast it on!

XoXo, Julia

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